Desk File Organizers-One Secret to Get Better at Work

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No matter what you may have heard until now, keeping your files tidy and organized is making you more productive. Having your desk held at all time is going to help you obtain an excellent environment for completing your daily jobs.

Did you know that 90% of Americans think that clutter presents a lousy influence on life and work, whereas 77% of them consider confusion to reduce efficiency?

A 2010 study showed that 87% of workers feel less productive when working in a cluttered workspace, with 66% of employees spending half an hour every week for trying to find misplaced items.

One of the best ways to improve productive thinking is to take a good look at your desk and to begin to organize it asap.

Why organize your desk is essential?

There are several benefits of an organized desk, so here are the most important ones:

  • The clean office gives a professionalism feel

A clean desk isn’t important only for you, but also for your co-workers, customers, employees, or your boss. Your workspace is an image of professionalism (like it or not). It sustains incredible work ethic and tells about your determination for being successful.

Tip: Try to have on your desk only the items you’re currently using. Anything that doesn’t have a daily purpose should be put away in a box. It’s going to be a lot easier to find your things when there are fewer things on the desk.

  • You keep in mind the essential tasks

We all have an inbox for the email; we also have a physical inbox on the desk, which is just as important. You should have on your desk an incoming and outgoing unit for your paperwork too. You’re not going to misplace documents anymore and free yourself of the useless jobs.

Tip: You can make the most out of the wall space. Hang the papers for daily use at eye level so that you may reduce the clutter on your desk. Don’t hesitate to throw away what you don’t need to use anymore. There are so many desk organizers that can reduce the clutter on your desk.

  • An organized desk lowers the level of stress

In all fairness, it’s only a matter of time until you’re going to feel stressed out from the chaos around you. A messy workspace poses a risk for distraction, which puts you in a bad mood. Soon enough, you’re going to feel overwhelmed and unable to concentrate on your job. If you’re already stressed out on the cause of a deadline, a messy desk is only going to worsen the situation.

Tip: Take a look at the drawer. Have it organized and create individual compartments for your paper clips, electronics, notes, notepads, or loose change.

  • An organized workspace saves you time

No more, “I don’t have time to keep my things organized.” You can’t imagine how much time you’re losing while organizing your files from 2 years ago. Having a special place for every item saves you time, and eases out your efforts while going from one project to another.

Tip: Spend the last 5 minutes of every Friday before you leave work, filing away the items on your desk. What do you need on Monday morning? Are you going to need that file in the next three months? Make sure that you trash the snack wrappers, file the loose papers, and put the files you need on Monday in place. It’s going to give you a better start after the weekend.

  • A tidy desk improves creativity

Even if some state that a “chaotic” office may help with creativity, it’s not the case for the creativity at work, where a blank slate is a perfect source for great ideas. You need always to have a clean desk so that you may concentrate on your tasks.

Tip: Take a leap of faith and start throwing away and recycle. Have a recycle bin and a trashcan neat your desk so that you can get rid of the things you no longer need. You’re not sure if you can throw something away just yet? File it away in a special drawer or scan it into your computer so that you never lose it.

What to look for in a desk file organizer?Fitueyes wood desk organizers Vintage File Sorter

Not all desk organizers work for your workspace, but some general aspects need to be considered when buying:

  • Build

You want your desk file organizer to have a good built, with durability feel to it. No matter the materials it’s made of, it has to be strong enough to take the use for a reasonable amount of time. All the glued parts need to stay in place, no matter how much you’re moving it around.

  • Compartments

Since you want to organize your desk files, it makes no sense to get a desk file organizer that isn’t able to host your records. If there are pencils, desks accessories, files, and other miscellaneous that you want to organize, you should look for a desk file organizer that also allows you to keep everything well organized and in place.

  • Stability

You don’t want your desk file organizer to fall with all the files. It has to have a solid base, with anti-grip features so that it stays in place, even when fully-loaded.

  • Looks

Even though it’s not fundamental, you want the desk file organizer to have a neat and bright appearance. It has to have a simple design, without many colorful details. Even if you go for a bit of color on your desk, you want to have it as subtle as you can. A desk file organizer that easily blends in the décor is going to give you a clutter-feel a lot more than a colorful and “busy” model.

A final piece of advice

The variety of desk file organizers may be overwhelming, so you may end up losing too much time when selecting one. You should focus on what you need the most from it and the size it has to have for your desk. There are plenty of reliable choices out there, so stop wasting any more time!